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Are you interested in an on-going fundraising plan for you School, Club or Organisation?


Explanation on how it would work for those who join.


  1. Upon joining our program you as the organisation, club or school would indicate to Airstream how many Fundraiser Cards you would require to start the process of supplying your members.
  2. Airstream would supply you with the required number of cards.
  3. You would then forward the cards to your members along with the conditions and procedures form.
  4. To use the card simply dine at Airstream Cafe. When paying the bill present the fundraiser card to the cashier and nominate your organisation. Your organisation will then be registered for its eligible donation.
  5. This discount will be allocated towards the nominated school. No discounted money will be given directly to the members.
  6. A receipt will be issued to the member. This receipt can be then forwarded to the organizations fundraising department in anticipation of the money that will follow.
  7. At the end of each Semester you will be sent an itemised account for each fundraising dollar you have obtained. Also included will be a cheque for the nominated amount.
  8. This is an on-going program, year in year out.


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